Margate based, non-medical, personalised, holistic support throughout the child bearing continuum

The word ‘Doula’ comes from the Greek language and means ‘servant- woman’. As a Doula I act as your guide and advocate throughout the perinatal period. I will provide you and your family a bespoke package of care designed to empower you to feel confident as you transition through the gestational year to become a new parent. 

This is a non-clinical role and I am not a healthcare professional. My role is to give one-to-one emotional, educational and practical support  from conception to the first few weeks of parenthood. I will work in partnership with you and your midwifery team, acting as your advocate and promoting your autonomy. This may be by breaking through any medical jargon, making you aware of your rights or by giving balanced evidence-based information to assist you in making informed choices about your care or by providing you with holistic relaxation techniques and birth preparation.  

Whether you’re interested in a antenatal education, labour support or breastfeeding advice, I’m here for you.



Hello There!

Time to introduce myself; My name is Abigail and I am a mum of three incredible children. I started my journey to motherhood at the age of 19 and found it near impossible to navigate the information, services and choices available to me. I had little to no knowledge of the child bearing continuum  and found it very isolating. 

After my first child was born I struggled with breastfeeding and postnatal depression so I trained as a community breast feeding supporter, volunteering within the local hospital and running community peer support groups. I found great fulfilment supporting women and new families and I wanted to learn more so I started working as a maternity care assistant at  a maternity unit. 

While in this post I learnt so much about the clinical support which was available in the local area and working along side trained healthcare professionals taught me about the physicalolgical and psychological changes the gestational body goes through when having a baby. Again I found myself wanting more knowledge and wanting to take on a more clinical roll to support birthers so I started training as a Midwife.  Roll on four years later, Covid19 and I'm still training as a  Midwife! 

During the COVID-19 pandemic  I realised there are large gaps in emotional care in my local area for those during the perinatal period. I have created The Margate Doula to support, educate and empower those who need a bit more than is offered through standard NHS care. As a doula I work in partnership with your maternity care team to help you cut through the jargon and help balance your choices to enable you to make informed decisions for your pregnancy and beyond. 

The Margate Doula is a non-clinical role which aims at giving personalised, holistic support to all. This may be in the form of relaxation techniques, antenatal teaching, birth preparation, additional support during your labour or a listening service after you have given birth. 



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